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Oakridge Auction Gallery Network Security and VoIP


​The international fine art auction house Oakridge Auction Gallery enlisted Fatech IT Advisors to fix their slow internet speeds. After a deeper investigation, we were able to pinpoint the source of the problems and developed a comprehensive solution to address the root issues. As a result, we solved their initial concerns, improved overall performance, and enhanced their network security to protect them from future threats.


Oakridge Auction Gallery is an international fine art auction house based in the Washington, DC, area. It provides comprehensive services to buyers and sellers worldwide, including appraisal, advisory, and auctions.


Oakridge Auction Gallery was suffering from slow internet speeds and receiving numerous ghost calls, despite having a contract for one gig internet service contract with their Internet Service Provider (ISP). Oakridge reported that these issues were causing difficulties in their day-to-day operations.


We evaluated their issues in depth and identified a few underlying network issues causing them. Ghost calls can be symptomatic of malicious actors probing the network for security vulnerabilities. When many ghost calls are exploring the network simultaneously, it can affect internet speeds. We created a comprehensive solution that addressed the network issues causing the problems.

To address these problems, we upgraded their entire network with Ubiquiti security appliances, switches, and access points. This upgrade enabled Oakridge to gain greater visibility into activity on its network, such as suspicious traffic or unauthorized access attempts. Additionally, the upgrade allowed us to identify misconfigurations that might leave their system vulnerable.

We also helped them secure a better VoIP provider with a more secure service configuration and resolved their PCI non-compliance.

Our solution improved performance and enhanced cybersecurity, which helped keep Oakridge Auction Gallery’s digital assets secure from future cybersecurity threats.