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Fatech International offers VoIP phone systems for all business sizes. If you have only a few people or have a multi-office corporation we will have a solution for you that can dramatically reduce your costs and improve productivity.

Many small, medium and large businesses have made the switch to VoIP phone systems already. There are many advantages that traditional PBX systems and regular landlines or wireless solutions simply can’t offer.

We will recommend the best products and robust features available for your specific needs. We will provide you with design and analysis, equipment, and installation support directly and through our partners in the industry.

3CX Partner

We have partnered with 3CX to offer a complete Unified Communications solution out of the box. As an open standards software PBX, installation and management of your phone system have never been easier. 3CX includes a full suite of unified communications features without the need for additional downloads, addons, or purchases. Integrated, WebRTC-based video conferencing via an open-standards browser or through the iOS/Android clients allows for face-to-face meetings to take place wherever you are. Productivity boosting features such as Presence, corporate chat, whiteboard, screen sharing, and more allow for employees to collaborate better and work more efficiently.

Easy Installation & Management

Let Fatech replace your outdated PBX system with 3CX. There is no need to worry about management and installation. We have you covered with a peace of mind solution.

Through the modern, intuitive management console

  • We can easily create, edit and delete extensions and DIDs
  • We can remotely Upgrade IP Phone firmware
  • We can remotely Reprovision & reboot IP Phones

Deploy On-premise or Cloud: The Choice is Yours

With 3CX, you can choose for us to set you up in the cloud or on-premise.

Cloud Deployment

  • Fatech can set you up to use your free Cloud PBX, in minutes.

On-premise Deployment

  • We can either deploy on an existing Windows or Linux machine or provide an appliance for 3CX to reside on.

Slash Costs

By partnering with Fatech and 3CX we can help with the below

  • Decrease your Phone Bill drastically
  • Implement licensing based on the number of simultaneous calls and not extensions
  • Help you avoid per extension licensing and pay per PBX instead
  • Help set up your office to make free interoffice calls and branch calls
  • Allow reduced travel expenses with integrated web conferencing

Clients & Features

Fatech can help you take your office wherever you are by allowing you to take your extension wherever you go. With apps for Android and iOS, and softphones for Windows and Mac your office is virtually where you are.