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More companies than ever are opting for hybrid or fully remote teams. For hybrid and remote work, they must be productive. This means businesses must ensure their teams are equipped with the necessary tools.

Here are a few tips to help maximize productivity for hybrid and remote work teams.

Get Organized

The Organization is vital when it comes to boosting productivity. Productivity is the product of intentional steps to improve a work team’s processes. When a team is unorganized, it’s impossible to operate efficiently.

Calendar Apps

One of the best ways to keep a team organized is to utilize calendar applications. Many of these apps offer both individual and shared company calendar options.

When used efficiently, these applications can help teams keep track of daily tasks while planning months into the future. Each job or meeting is assigned a date and timeslot, allowing team members to visualize their day, week, or month without missing a thing.

Online Timers & Reminders

Team members may get so focused on one task that they forget they have a meeting. The meeting is missed, and progress stalls.

Online reminders and work timers can help team members stay on pace for daily tasks and be aware of upcoming meetings so that everything gets accomplished.

File Hosting Software Solutions

Hybrid and remote work teams could be spread all across the country. It’s essential to create a central location for document storage that can be easily accessed by other team members or shared with external sources.

Companies can opt for cloud-based solutions or use a dedicated server and give remote & hybrid workers secure access using a VPN. Both options help keep files organized and accessible to the entire team.

Create a Collaborative Digital Work Environment

A machine works best when all parts are functioning as a unit. A work team operates the same way. Collaboration allows members in different business areas to work together rather than against each other to complete tasks and hit goals.

Virtual Workspace Communications Software

Consistent and clear communication is essential to keeping and increasing productivity for any workforce. A central communications platform or virtual workspace can help keep the entire company connected throughout the workday, which keeps progress moving.

These programs also usually contain videoconferencing software that allows for virtual meeting hosting.

Relationship & Project Management Tools

A great way to empower a team to get work done is to be transparent about project deadlines, milestones, and missions at all levels of the organization. Implementing relationship and project management software is a simple and effective way to create that transparency.

This kind of software brings together communication and planning in one place, which helps keep track of leads, proposals, projects, and more. This kind of hub communicates essential milestones and goals. While also giving all those involved access to information, which keeps projects moving forward.

Scheduled Rest

One of the biggest challenges for any team is work-life balance. Sitting in zoom meetings and being available on multiple communication devices all day can become exhausting. It also causes team members to feel burned out, leading to lowered productivity.

Companies can help combat fatigue and boost productivity by creating weekly “no-meeting” days.

Optimize Your Business’s Productivity Tools

Every business is different, with a different set of needs. Whether you have an in-office, hybrid, or fully remote workforce, you’re only as productive as your technology allows you to be. Our IT professionals help optimize business tools to boost teams’ productivity. Contact us today to get started.