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There was a time when passwords were enough to authenticate users and secure a business’s accounts and sensitive information. Those days are in the past. Passwords are now a significant security risk for businesses. Passwords are often weak and easily guessed, making them easy to steal through various hacking attacks. This can lead to data breaches, which can cost businesses millions of dollars in lost revenue and damage their reputation.

Passwordless user authentication has recently emerged as a more secure alternative to traditional password-based user authentication. Here is a breakdown of what passwordless login is and what businesses need to know about this new innovation in IT security.

What is Passwordless Login

Passwordless login is a user authentication method that allows the user to log in to an account without entering a password.

How Does It Work?

Passwordless login works by using other factors to authenticate users, such as biometrics or one-time passwords. Biometric authentication methods include fingerprint, facial, or voice recognition. In comparison, the one-time password method sends short, randomly generated codes with short expiration periods to users’ devices via SMS, email, or app.

When a user attempts to log in, they are prompted through one or more of these authentication methods. If the authentication is successfully completed, the user is granted access.

Pros & Cons of Using Passwordless for Businesses


Increased Security

Passwordless login can improve cybersecurity by making it more difficult for attackers to gain access to accounts since biometrics and one-time passwords are much harder to hack.

Improved User Experience

Passwordless login can also improve the employee experience. They do not have to type in or keep track of passwords—boosting both efficiency and morale.


Not all Software & Devices are Compatible

While many are, not all software and devices support passwordless login. You’ll need to make sure your company’s software and devices are compatible with the specific passwordless authentication solution you choose prior to installing.

Additional User Education Required

Though it has become increasingly common along consumer products, your employees may not be familiar with passwordless login. These solutions do require some additional training on how to use them, which takes time.

Going Passwordless

Passwordless login is a more secure and convenient alternative to traditional password-based user authentication. However, businesses looking to improve their cybersecurity and team experience may want to consider implementing this new technology.

Have questions about passwordless login or if it is right for your business? Contact us to meet with one of our IT experts.